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Unpursued prototypes is a follow-up of the Haüy project. In contrast to Haüy, I wanted to experiment with modern design and production techniques to create a series of unique objects, each with it’s own individual characteristics but part of a group. Based on a little collection of wood samples, each with it’s own thickness and dimension I created some parametric rules to…

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One-off is a series of individual hand thrown porcelain objects. The shapes and the sizes arise on the wheel and each object started with 50,100,200,400 or 800 grams of pure white porcelain. The transparent glaze on the inside highlights the specific quality of the material. Although there are similarities in form, each object is unique. The workmanship of this method of creating…

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Based on the Crystal Models by René Just Haüy, I worked on a small serie of slip casted objects. Although more the 200 years old, the original wooden models I saw as a child in the Teylers museum in Haarlem|NL are still very contemporary. The geometric faceted faces are similar to the polygons used in computers games or 3d printing. It would be obvious to…

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  Computer generated designs which may be reality one day, but now only exist as an virtual image. Computer software helps me to design objects and make them visual like they are made. Not restricted by laws of nature, technical skills or costs to produce, almost everything is possible. When introducing specific rules and randomness shapes can appear I couldn’t…

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Cabinet of Curiosities (also knows as Wunderkammer) is not so much a project but more an ongoing and growing collection of objects which are left overs after work. Instead of being disposed in the garbage bag they end up in my collection. Some because they are simply beautiful, some because they inspire and other pieces I don’t know why but they…

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in no particular order

Recent work, in no particular order. experiments with design for fabric, wood, glass, metals and other materials and there finishes.